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Ranking Pacers NBA Jerseys

The Pacers have a storied NBA history, with jerseys to match (but sadly, no titles). Below, we've ranked what we believe is the correct order, from worst to best, of these unis. Please keep in mind that this is unapologetically subjective. 6. 1981-1984 (Source: I like to call this the Times New Roman Italics jersey. There are like five pictures of it under the Internet, and that's all you need to know. 5. 2005-Present (Source: Indy Star) There's nothing wrong with the current jerseys-I would be fine with owning one. But overall, they're fine. They somewhat look like the jerseys when you can create a team in NBA 2k, which isn't something to write home about. Sorry, PG. 4. 1976-1981...

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