Ranking Pacers NBA Jerseys

The Pacers have a storied NBA history, with jerseys to match (but sadly, no titles). Below, we've ranked what we believe is the correct order, from worst to best, of these unis. Please keep in mind that this is unapologetically subjective.

6. 1981-1984

(Source: NBA.com)

I like to call this the Times New Roman Italics jersey. There are like five pictures of it under the Internet, and that's all you need to know.

5. 2005-Present

(Source: Indy Star)

There's nothing wrong with the current jerseys-I would be fine with owning one. But overall, they're fine. They somewhat look like the jerseys when you can create a team in NBA 2k, which isn't something to write home about. Sorry, PG.

4. 1976-1981

(Source: Sports Encyclopedia)

These are very similar to the current jerseys, however these came first and were the uniforms when the Pacers made the jump to the NBA. The colors are crisp and clean and the block font is a strong, safe play. The accents, like the yellow stripes on the waistband, are a nice touch. 

3. 1997-2005

(Source: SI)

These jerseys evoke STRONG feelings. From a non-basketball/Pacer fan perspective, people tend to hate them, especially the gold alternates. The pinstripes aren't the most aesthetically pleasing, the letters are hard to read, and there is a lot of yellow, even on the navy jerseys. From a nostalgic basketball junkie, these are BEAUTIFUL. Part of my very subjective rankings includes evaluating the jerseys in context, and when you consider some of the uniforms of the 90s, you may begin to think these jerseys were at the top of the league. It doesn't hurt that the 'Cers made the Finals in these bad boys.

2. 1984-1990

(Source: Interbasket)

It was very, very hard to decide between the final two. I won't judge you if these are your favorite, because these are stunning. The Pacers deviated from their classic navy just once for these jerseys, and it was a phenomenal move to go to a lighter, beautiful blue. The letters with the lines across them evoke speed, and are only jerseys to harken to the team's racing-inspired name. The gold strip across the chest is unique, and the only NBA jersey I know of (after two minutes of research) to have such a feature. White is used sparingly, but effectively with the numbers are trim around the gold strip, waistband and neckline. The jerseys are timeless, as is Reggie (who will be used in a picture every time we have opportunity).

1. 1990-1997

(Source: NBA.com)

Flo. Jo. Forever. First of all, these jerseys were literally designed by Olympian Florence Griffin Joyner, thus the name Flo-Jo. The 3 paneled-colors scheme is iconic, as is the 3-D "Indiana" and numbers. They harken back to the franchise's traditional navy, and if you look closely, the jerseys are V-Necks. V-Necks! I've tried to find something wrong with these jerseys, and the only thing wrong about them is that I don't own one.